US house prices dipped in May

[ad_1]The slight drop reflects the early effects of COVID-19 lockdowns

Low supply led to higher rental prices in June – report

[ad_1]Signs of a tenant population staying in place increased, resulting in low turnover in June

More than half of mortgage borrowers face income loss amid COVID-19

[ad_1]Low-income borrowers are most likely to be denied mortgage relief

Trump rolls back fair housing rule with executive order

[ad_1]The Trump administration's executive order to terminate and replace federal enforcement of anti-discrimination policies at the local level, citing the burden it put on municipalities, enr

The existential threat to mortgages

[ad_1]A trend that could severely impact the industry a decade from now is beginning to get notice in the industry

Google commits over $100M of affordable housing pledge

[ad_1]Google has allocated $115 million out of a $250 million investment fund for affordable housing projects in the Bay Area.[ad_2]

New bill would help first-time buyers amid pandemic

[ad_1]The legislation would allow first time buyers to withdraw funds from their retirement accounts to help with the purchase of a home

Home seller profit margins hit post-recession peak

[ad_1]The returns on investment for homes sold in the second quarter of 2020 reached the highest level since the housing bubble collapsed, according to Attom Data Solutions.[ad_2]

A look inside a leading DPA provider's counseling program for home buyers

[ad_1]Why let borrowers learn about the demands and hidden costs of homeownership the hard way?

CoreLogic posts higher earnings, hikes guidance in wake of hostile bid

[ad_1]Other moves it is undertaking include business divestitures and increased dividends while defending against a takeover attempt.[ad_2]

Two Harbors seeks for-cause termination as manager dispute escalates

[ad_1]The mortgage REIT's external manager responded by filing a new lawsuit against it, calling the move "baseless and retaliatory."[ad_2]

Mortgage rates rise for the first time in over a month

[ad_1]Mortgage rates rose for the first time in six weeks, going back the above the 3% mark, as spreads to the 10-year Treasury yield widened again, according to Freddie Mac.[ad_2]