With coronavirus constraining supply, home prices are up

[ad_1]With would-be sellers too spooked to list their homes and would-be buyers held up due to social distancing orders, home price appreciation accelerated in April. And it could continue into

Coronavirus still a threat to credit scores despite congressional relief

[ad_1]The rescue bill enabled banks to protect loans in forbearance from an immediate hit to a borrower’s credit report, but experts say affected consumers may have trouble getting loans afte

Bank of America commits $1B to coronavirus relief for people of color

[ad_1]The funds will be used to support housing, job training and aid for small businesses in communities that have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.[ad_2]

Jersey City pitches latest housing plans to cramped New Yorkers

[ad_1]For Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, the pandemic is a good time to lure New Yorkers feeling anxious and cramped.[ad_2]

Are Dallas home prices headed lower?

[ad_1]Dallas-area home prices are expected to decline for the first time since the Great Recession.[ad_2]

U.K. house prices drop most since 2009 under virus lockdown

[ad_1]U.K. house prices fell the most in more than a decade and consumer borrowing plunged as the coronavirus lockdown shuttered the economy.[ad_2]

Remote working likely to remain post-coronavirus: Quicken exec

[ad_1]Culture scores at the lender are equal or higher than before lockdown.[ad_2]

Spokane housing market remains competitive and favors the seller

[ad_1]The Spokane, Wash., housing market has shown little signs of slowing during the pandemic.[ad_2]

Mortgage rates today, June 1, 2020, plus lock recommendations

[ad_1]Mortgage rates today are driven by movements in financial markets worldwide. When the economy heats up, bond price drop, and rates increase. When the economy pulls back, interest rates te

The 'treasure trove' many LOs ignore – and why you shouldn't

[ad_1]Even in times of crisis, originators have a steady source of new business – but most don't even think about it

How lenders are preparing for a wave of loan modifications

[ad_1]With no way of knowing just how many borrowers will need the mods after the coronavirus forbearance period ends, lenders are deploying artificial intelligence and servicing protocols to t

The struggle is real: Can hospitality survive the pandemic?

[ad_1]The retail and restaurant sectors are in peril, but COVID-19 has also levelled hospitality and tourism