The Unintended Consequences of Payday Loan Regulation

[ad_1]America’s current approach to payday loan policy is that there isn’t a current approach to payday loan policy.While the federal government did “protect” soldiers from t

Why Payday Loans Actually Help People

[ad_1]Payday loans are viewed by most consumer advocates as the financial equivalent of a zombie virus.They just eat income and create a viciously repeating cycle that consumes borro

Evolution of the Payday Lending War

[ad_1]History books record and remind consumers about the wars waged across the world. Without a solid record, what happens to the details for sub-level wars for financial and political issu

Why the APR of Payday Loans Doesn’t Matter

[ad_1]Getting a payday loan sounds more and more like borrowing a financial ticking time bomb than money.Most media coverage talks about how “this legislation” or “that legisla

The Hidden Yet Positive Side of Payday Lending

[ad_1]Dana Williams no longer regards payday loans in a negative light.When the 36-year-old travel agent began her journey with payday loans, she experienced financial turmoil repayi

The Winners and Losers of Payday Loan Legislation

[ad_1]Proposed payday loan legislation is either for or against payday loan companies. While there are few exceptions, the opposing party tends to be consumer activists. Whenever laws regula

The Effectiveness of Payday Loan Regulation

[ad_1]As months and years pass, the payday loan industry becomes more regulated and divided.Most states have at least one pending law that could limit or eradicate payday lending. So

In God We Trust: Religion’s Past and Current Presence in Finance

[ad_1]Religion and money rarely mix well.When financial controversy arises in organized religion, it usually deals with corruption, greed or ill-informe

Payday Loan War 2013: Winners and Losers

[ad_1]The war between the payday loan industry and anti-payday loan activists raged across America in 2013.This was not a war of bullets, missiles, and drones, but instead a war of l

Battlelines: The Politicians Who Are With the Payday Loan Industry

[ad_1]As much as money can talk nowadays, politicians are ultimately the ones with the power to implement and change policy, and incentivising their decision-making with money is an integral

RI Becomes the Next Payday Loan Battleground State

[ad_1]Rhode Island may be the next state to dramatically lower their payday loan interest rate cap, depending on how the General Assembly votes on a new proposal.The bill, which was

NC Attorney General Protects Marines from Payday Loans

[ad_1]The North Carolina Attorney General is taking up arms to protect Marines and members of the military from predatory payday loan lenders.On May 15, Attorney General Roy Cooper h