Zombie Debt 101

February 29, 2020 Debt Collection


Zombie debt refers to old unpaid debt, declared dead and uncollectable long ago, that rises from the grave to ingest the bank accounts of the living. Who are the mad financial scientists that create this zombie debt, and how can you thwart them when it comes for you?

The zombie masters, if you will, are third-party debt collectors who specialize in purchasing uncollected debt from a variety of vendors at huge discount. The vendors are eager to get the debt off their books and will gladly take whatever they can get – literally pennies on the dollar.

If you have any connection to this debt in the eyes of the collection agency, they will contact you and attempt to get you to pay. It doesn’t matter to them whether you really are responsible for the debt, whether the statute of limitations has expired, whether it was wiped out by bankruptcy, or any other story – their job is to convince you to pay up. It is not uncommon for zombie debt to be the result of identity the…

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