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Here’s What You Need to Know About Refinancing an FHA Loan

[ad_1]Refinancing your FHA loan can come with many benefits. For one, it could help

Lower Mortgage Review: A Techy Mortgage Lender in Love with Everything Low

[ad_1]Today we’ll check out another one of the newcomers in the mortgage industry that is all about technology and low rates, aptly named “Lower Mortgage.” Similar to Better, w

Today’s 15-year fixed mortgage refinance rates remain at 56-day low | December 2, 2020

[ad_1]Today’s mortgage refinance rates for 15-year fixed loans have

Mortgage and refinance rates today, December 2, 2020

[ad_1]Today’s mortgage and refinance rates  Average mortgage rates inched lower again yesterday. And conventional loans started out this morning at 2.625% (2.625% APR) for a 30-year,

Should you waive a home inspection? Real estate experts say no

[ad_1]Waiving a home inspection could make your offer more competitive. But experts say waiving a home inspection isn't a good idea. Here's why.[ad_2]

Native American Home Loan Programs

[ad_1] 4 minute read The Native American ho

American Financing Mortgage Review: Peyton Manning Is a Fan

[ad_1]If you live in Colorado, you may have heard a radio ad for American Financing, a direct-to-consumer mortgage lender based in Aurora. You may also know that ex-Denver Broncos quarterbac